Thursday, 5 November 2015

Peter Cushing T

Original Peter Cushing t-shirts and t-towels NOW available from The Horsebridge Art Centre in Whitstable! All proceeds go back into the charity. 
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The snake venom sketches

Drawn in hospital waiting area on ipad, using Bamboo app and finger.
Pupils dilated with snake venom. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Unfollow is out now! Published by DC Vertigo comics, co-created by Mike Dowling and Rob Williams. As colourist, my role is to concentrate on the colour pallete and mood, and allow Mike's brilliant drawings to shine through. As the issues progress it just gets keeps getting more and more mental! If I wasn't working on it, I'd be buying it! Go get it - its out now!

Cover by Matt Taylor

Drawn by Mike Dowling, colours by me.

Drawn by Mike Dowling, colours by me.

Thanks to Ellie, Molly and Shelly (and everyone else) at Vertigo


The new Gogglebox book is out now! Stuffed with interviews, photos, amazing things, and a few scribbles by me! The perfect gift for anyone who loves Gogglebox. Buy it now!

Big thanks to Jamie at PanMacmillan, and Tania at Studio Lambert